We are delighted to share here a selection of reviews from our highest HPAT-scoring Ace The HPAT students from over the years. We wish them all the best in their medical careers.


100TH percentile 2021

“I really enjoyed the HPAT course classes and found them extremely helpful. John taught us lots of skills and techniques which definitely helped me boost my HPAT score. Compared to other preparation packages, This course is unique in the way it encourages competition between students – something that made me learn how to work calmly under pressure.”


100TH percentile, 2016

“I learned so much from going to this class and listening to other people work through questions in ways I never would have thought of. I found it really helpful to learn from different approaches that I could then use to answer future questions. I also liked the classroom setting as a change from practicing online. These classes made it a lot easier for me to practice the HPAT consistently throughout the year so I would definitely recommend them!”


99TH percentile, 2022

HPAT classes was an incredibly useful tool for me as I prepared for the HPAT. During class I could actively see how my classmates were doing, which helped to create a competitive environment similar to the exam. The mock exams were very good at simulating the types of questions that would be asked. I would highly recommend this course for first time and repeat exam sitters.


99TH percentile, 2017

“The classes are great, they’re relaxed and useful for getting you into the mindset of how the questions work and what the exam is looking for. Lots of memes incorporated to keep things going.”


99TH percentile, 2015

“The HPAT classes were massively beneficial to me. They helped me to develop a strategy for dealing with the exam and gave me a whole pile of new techniques for dealing with specific types of questions. Definitely one of the main reasons I got into medicine.”


99TH percentile, 2017

“John’s HPAT classes were the most helpful HPAT related classes I did. He made the exam seem more interesting and accessible as opposed to the scary impossible exam it is often made out to be. I found his classes enjoyable (as far as a grind can be!) and he helped us make sense of the often-obscure questions that we came across. He was always very reassuring and it was great to have a current med student to answer any of our questions. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone considering taking the HPAT as I don’t believe I would have got medicine without his help!”


98TH percentile, 2022

“These classes carried me through my HPAT study this year. The individual analysis of answer options in class, along with time-pressured, competitive practice questions helped me learn how to remain calm during the exam. Hearing others explain their answers taught me to approach questions in different manners and the fun, relaxed environment made me feel comfortable to ask questions and query explanations.”


98TH percentile, 2019

“Having questions explained and especially being able to talk through some of the more challenging questions was really helpful. I found section 2 especially difficult and hearing other student’s opinions and reasoning meant I could better understand the questions themselves. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone sitting the HPAT in years to come.”


98TH percentile, 2017

“I felt that John’s classes were a really important part of my HPAT preparation as they kept me on track and instilled confidence in my ability. John gave excellent tips and advice on just about everything to do with the HPAT and I’m very grateful for this. We sat many exams both at home and during the classes which helped make the real exam seem a lot more familiar. Overall, I was both impressed and comforted by the high standards of his classes. I would highly recommend them. Thank you, John!”


98TH percentile, 2018

“John’s classes really helped break down one of the most daunting exams I’ve ever taken. He pointed out the ways the HPAT tries to catch you out and provided methods of tackling harder questions. The practice exams also really helped my timing and exam technique, to which I owe a lot of my success.”  


97TH percentile, 2019

“I found the classes to be very helpful, particularly with regard to sections 2 and 3. They provided an excellent avenue as to how one should tackle the problems they present. Strategies like mapping and time keeping are essential for succeeding in the HPAT and these classes explain how to implement them in detail. In addition, for me, the classes were vital for keeping my focus on the HPAT throughout the year, and forcing me to work consistently at the exam which I think is ultimately the biggest contributing factor to getting into medicine.”  


97TH percentile, 2015

“John’s classes were great. They gave us a new way of looking at questions using set methods so I had a clear starting point for each one. It was also great working with a group and seeing how different people approached the questions. John really knew his stuff and gave good, comprehensive advice on how to study for all three sections.”


97TH percentile, 2019

“I found the classes were a huge help as they made it easy to put in place a consistent routine as I prepared for the HPAT. Having classes that were 2.5 hours long meant that on the day of my exam I was used to concentrating over long periods of time. The practice exams were great as I was able to practice and prepare for the style of question asked in my HPAT. It was also really helpful to get tips and guidance from teachers that had experienced the exam themselves. I would definitely recommend the classes to anyone considering going for medicine.” 


96TH percentile, 2017 

“These classes honestly saved my life when it came to HPAT. John really knows what he’s doing. He gave us tips for practicing and prep and strategies for when we’re actually sitting the exam. I did the HPAT twice, both times with John’s help, and I credit my 96th percentile and 94th percentile to these classes.”


96TH percentile, 2020

“This HPAT course was a massive help to me in my preparation for the HPAT. Learning from someone who has gone through the HPAT and learning alongside others was so helpful. It was hugely beneficial to have the opportunity to talk through questions as a group and work out different strategies for approaching the more difficult ones, listening to others and learning from them really helps with improving your HPAT skills. Also having practice exams to do at home structured my preparation really well and kept me motivated between classes. Big thanks to Conor and John, definitely couldn’t have done it without you both.”


95TH percentile, 2018

“These classes helped me prepare massively for the HPAT by simply showing me different ways to approach and think about the various sections in the HPAT exam through listening and interacting with others in the class. It gave me a great insight into how I was expected to think going into this exam and the notes and mock exams were brilliant in helping me to solidify this new mindset. It’s safe to say that John’s classes have played a massive part in my success in the HPAT and my future in medicine!”


95TH percentile, 2021

“The course was so helpful. It was really good to hear how other people approached the questions. John had loads of good advice for all three sections and how to prepare for exam day. Thanks again!”


95TH percentile, 2023

“Thank you very much for the teaching! Particularly problem solving

questions and questions that require more complex maths for

Section 1, and pick the middle and matrix questions in Section 3.”


94TH percentile, 2014

“It was very helpful to discuss different techniques for different problems and to compare answers with other students. I thought that the classes were invaluable, enjoyable and would recommend them to anyone studying for the HPAT!”


94TH percentile, 2023

“I got 94th percentile which was 186 points… couldn’t be happier!

Thank you so much for all the material in the course.”


93RD percentile, 2020

“I repeated the HPAT this year and decided to attend these classes after hearing great things about them from a friend who scored very well last year. Safe to say I’m very glad I did. The classes helped me interpret the questions better and taught me so many beneficial techniques in choosing an answer option confidently. The year before, I struggled with timing in section 1 and 3. However, with the mock exams and drills the classes provided I improved greatly and they became my favourite sections to do. I really recommend these classes if you are considering doing the HPAT this year!” 


93RD percentile, 2014

“I would without a doubt recommend John’s HPAT grinds. He is not only naturally talented at the HPAT himself but has a great way of explaining and sharing his skills. John has an abundance of practice questions which he not only gives you but also works through each question and its solution. Doing grinds with John was definitely pivotal in my HPAT success.” 


92ND percentile, 2014

“The classes were excellent. I found that the most important thing in preparing for the HPAT was practicing questions. The classes gave a great opportunity to do this and working in groups really helped me learn different ways to approach the questions. John was also really patient and helpful with any questions we had. Would definitely recommend them.”


92ND percentile, 2016

“John’s classes provided the skills and guidance I needed to succeed in the HPAT. His experience and knowledge helped me to secure my place in medicine.”


91ST percentile, 2020

“I found the classes extremely helpful, especially as a student who had previously sat the HPAT. Conor promoted a relaxed and comfortable environment in class to discuss questions, which for me was the key to doing well in the HPAT. The simulated exams at the end of each term allowed me to find what strategies really worked for me. I would absolutely recommend the classes to anyone sitting the HPAT! “


90TH percentile, 2020

“These classes were very helpful in my preparation to sit the HPAT. I initially found section 1 and 3 particularly challenging but the classes gave me the skills and strategies I needed to approach these more difficult questions. I also found that practicing the questions in groups and listening to how others approached them was hugely beneficial to me. The 2.5 hour classes and practice exams allowed me to familiarise myself with the exam and encouraged me to work at it consistently. I would definitely recommend these grinds to anyone thinking about sitting the exam as it was essential to my HPAT success.” 


90TH percentile, 2019

“The section 3 tips and techniques helped loads, if I had done it without understanding how to attempt section 3 I wouldn’t have had a clue. The discussions helped a lot with section 2 and helped understand where the examiners might have been coming from and then just familiarising yourself with the type of questions that come up in section 1 and where they tried to catch you out helped lots.”