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This practice exam includes 114 questions:

  • Section 1: 42 questions, 60 minutes
  • Section 2: 42 questions, 50 minutes
  • Section 3: 30 questions, 40 minutes


You will have 150 minutes to complete 114 questions. After 60 minutes you will be asked to move to Section 2, and after a further 50 minutes you will be asked to move to Section 3. There is no moving between sections allowed.

Aifric will be invigilating the mock exam, and will ask you to stick to the time limits.

There will be 10 extra minutes at the end for you to please input your answers into Testmoz ( This is a backup in case there is any issue with submitting and saving the exam. Once you have entered answers into Testmoz, submit. Then go back and hit submit for the exam here on HPizzle.

Good luck!