About the Ace the HPAT Preparation Course

About your teachers

Dr. John Gannon and Aifric Walsh are our experienced teachers who have excellent track records in preparing students for the HPAT exam.
Dr. John Gannon scored in the 99th percentile in the HPAT exam in 2012 and has been teaching the exam to students for the past 10 years. He graduated from UCD in 2018 and has worked in a doctor in Australia and Zambia as well as Ireland. He is currently on the Public Health Higher Specialist Training scheme in Ireland.

Aifric Walsh scored in the 91st percentile in the HPAT exam in 2020 and is now studying medicine at University College Cork with a Quercus Scholarship. Aifric has been working with John and teaching the online HPAT classes since 2021.

Both teachers are passionate about helping students achieve their goals and are committed to providing a supportive learning environment.

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About Ace The HPAT Preparation Course

Preparing for the HPAT exam can be a challenging experience for many students, but with the Ace The HPAT Preparation Course, you can gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. Our course is delivered using Microsoft Teams software, which allows students throughout Ireland to access the classes safely and conveniently.


Our HPAT classes are designed to help students improve their problem-solving abilities, logical reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning skills. Our experienced teachers provide detailed PowerPoint presentations and online quizzes to ensure that students understand the concepts and solutions to each question. We aim to get through approximately 25-30 questions in each class, and our teaching methods focus on encouraging student engagement, which allows for peer learning and understanding.

What's included

The Ace HPAT Preparation Course includes 10 online classes, 5 in each semester, each of which is 2.5 hours long. Students also receive seven full-length HPAT exams, including five homework tests and two mock tests conducted under strict examination conditions. Additionally, our course provides comprehensive notes, advice, and techniques for preparing for the HPAT exam.


About the HPAT Exam

The HPAT exam is one of the most challenging exams for students who want to pursue undergraduate medicine in one of the five participating universities in Ireland. The exam consists of 114 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in 150 minutes. The exam is divided into three sections, including logical reasoning and problem-solving, understanding people, and non-verbal reasoning.


How does the point's system work

Your HPAT score will be combined with your Leaving Cert results to determine if you are offered a place in undergraduate medicine in one of the five participating universities in Ireland. The HPAT is marked by ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research), and the marking scheme changes annually, influencing the points awarded for a particular percentile score. It is best to focus on improving your own scores in each of the practice tests that we provide rather than worrying about points going up or down.

Join our HPAT preparation course

If you are looking to improve your HPAT exam skills and increase your chances of being accepted into an undergraduate medicine program, join the Ace The HPAT Preparation Course.The cost of the course is €225 per semester or €450 for the full year.

More information  is available at https://hpat-ireland.acer.org/.